27 Feb 2009

Winter offers

Great offers at Kivotos gallery. -15% -30% -50%.
Take advantage! Last week of winter offers. 3/3/09 -7/3/09.

Don't forget that coming Monday 2/3/09 is ..."Green Monday" so its a holiday!!! Everybody in Cyprus will be on picnic and flying the kites!! I will give more details soon :)

26 Feb 2009

Precious rain!!

My dear friends!
It is raining and its your holiday!

Travelers don't like it at all. Our precious sun is hiding behind grey clouds. But for Cyprus this rain is like gold. It is actually lifesaving.
Maybe you can discover Cyprus in a different way. You can visit "white" Olympos and have dinner next to a fireplace in a small tavern...
Cyprus hospitality it is a reality and you will get this feeling all over the island in any weather.

Please have.... a big smile on your face when you are talking about the awfully rainy weather!!!!

24 Feb 2009

Carnival is here!!!

Carnival is here and we are happy!!!!
Although Limassol is the ..carnival city of Cyprus, we are all ready to find our new persona and enjoy being ...some-one-else!!!
Last Thursday was the beginning of the carnival festivities. The "entrance" of King Carnavalos in every city. On Sunday the children parate in Limassol was great to introduce everybody in the carnival spirit. Parties and special carnival songs concerts will go on every day until next week. On Sunday the Limassol big parate will be ..glamorous as every year. Everybody should feel free to dress up these days, visit friends houses and enjoy the unique spirit of carnival.

6 Feb 2009

Cyprus modern art

A lot of the "first time" visitors often ask me If what they see at Kivotos gallery is traditional Cyprus art.
I always explain that tradition is (like)a solid base to step on and go on. I recovered some of my favorite links of modern art in Cyprus. Please follow those links and hopefully this new window will help you to see our island in different eye.