21 Jan 2013

Meet the artists!

Hi All!!
I'm back from a very successful and creative journey to Athens. Today you will meet one of Kivotos favorite associating artists through ..photos!!!!!

This talented young man is Nikolas Dermitzakis that creates amazing metal work for Kivotos gallery. His new work includes 3D items !!!!!

Nicolas says:
"In the decorative article’s collection someone can find a different approach in what is meant by “wrought iron”. A variety of themes, suitable for all places, provide a unique alternative in interior decoration. "

"The collection includes forms of couples, nature, figures, 3D and SeaWorld. The style diverges depending on the spot for which is designated. All our items can be placed in a base, on a frame or plain on the wall. The option of the color, makes it even easier to use and apply it into your space."

"The wall clocks collection consists of many different themes. The colors and the applications can adjust to the particularity of the spot which is placed. "

In the following days we will meet through photos some of the other artists that honor Kivotos gallery with their trust and commitment for the last 17 years!!!

See you soon at Kivotos gallery :)

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14 Jan 2013

Meet Athens!

Hi all.
I'm currently visiting artists workshops and arts & crafts events. Athens is a very controversial city full of contradictions. This is the best background for creativity to bloom.
Tonight staying at my hotel and having this amazing window view at the Acropolis and the Parthenon I feel very touched. Among high buildings and abandoned old houses, grey small side streets and people that are not as "colorful " as some years ago, there is a view of the lighted Acropolis with the glorious temple of Parthenon dedicated to Athena goddess of wisdom...
Beauty can be everywhere if you have a minute to look at it..

A morning walk at the side streets near Monastiraki station and Athena street is always interesting too... Parthenon is most of the times at the background:)

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Location:Athens Greece

9 Jan 2013

Winter holidays and new projects !!!

See you soon with new ideas and a new project ...under construction!!!!!

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5 Jan 2013

Kivotos will be traveling ...

Is this time of the year again...:) Kivotos will be on "holiday" for a couple of weeks. It's actually a creative holiday as I'm visiting workshops and arts and crafts events to discover new "treasures" for 2013!!!
I'm really excited as this is one of the most interactive times in the year. Great discussions and exchanging of ideas over mugs of hot coffee is my best :)))))
Artists at this point have their new designs ready or almost ready to perfection after the long working hours and experimentation since our last meeting ( Mid September ). So now we can really see what the result is and sometimes suggest minor changes.
But another procedure is underlying. The next collection is starting formatting through these discussions... It's an adventurous journey of creative minds and passionate artists that is traveling us thought the beautiful face of life...

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4 Jan 2013

We've got a Dragon!!

Our origami Dragon is flying around Kivotos bringing good luck, prosperity and joy to all our friends:))))))

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3 Jan 2013

Happy New year!!!

Happy New year to old and new friends:))) we wish you an amazing year with things and people that you love, prosperous, delicious, joyful, adventurous and fulfilling :)))

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