24 Oct 2012

Getting ready for the coming celebrations:))

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15 Oct 2012

Time for a change!!!

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Location:Agoras 67 Municipal market

13 Oct 2012

12 Oct 2012

Old times reminders!!

Sometimes I realize that there are images around us that are not going to last for long. I think that the last generation of "old times Cypriot" is around us at the point Unfortunately in a few years these beautiful authentic grandmas and grandpas selling their goods won't be around. I have vivid memories of the Saturdays fruit and vegetable market with the crowd of people advertising there goods and us as children running around. This is a truly beautiful atmospheric memory and it is still is as the market is so close to Kivotos....
Today I just took a couple of pics in the pedestrian in frond of Kivotos and im sharing them with you. An old couple of villagers selling their grapes and nuts....

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2 Oct 2012

Kivotos gallery is 17 years old!!!

Kivotos gallery is celebrating 17 years of life!
Different events will take place during this month and we will let you know through Kivotos gallery Facebook page and this blog.
Discounts on all items ( and selected jewellery) from 10%~50% are just a small offer to our thousands of local and international friends :)))

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Location:Kivotos gallery Paphos