24 Sep 2015

Busy summer at Kivotos cultural ambassador of Pafos

Dearest friends!
A busy and hot summer was the excuse of me not posting here!
September is an even busier month but the little cooler weather makes things easier :)
Lots of new arts and crafts by local artists are coming in every other day and we have a lot of plans for new associations with local artists .
Kivotos gallery after being for 20 years a loyal friend of more than 50 local artists and persistent on the excellence of craftsmanship is awarded the " Destination Pafos" sign for the excellence of quality items all made by local artists, the uniqueness and authenticity of the space but also for the service and overall presence promoting Cyprus arts and crafts. This award was approved by the Cyprus tourism organization, the Travel foundation and the CSTI. We are now officially Ambassadors of cultural Pafos. :)

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Location:Paphos municipal market

30 Jul 2015

Hand made fussed glass

Hello my friends!
I'm posting only a few photos from our new fussed glass arrivals! Silver, copper, iron and oxides of cobalt, zing etc are fussed in the glass at 820c. These items are extremely tough. Fruit dishes, bowls in many sizes, coasters, candleholders and a huge selection of small size dishes in various shapes are a joy to use. Decorative items like wall art, sculptures and other ornaments are adding a contemporary touch to your space and they stand out with their uniqueness!!!
All our items are boxed, carry a certificate by the artist and they are safe to carry I your suitcase .


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Location:Paphos old market Cyprus

25 Jun 2015

The place for local arts and crafts!

Dear friends!
June is our birthday month! We are 19 years old and fresh like a Spring flower !!
Kivotos gallery as you all may know is the friendlier place on earth ! Everything is done with pure love and care. It's the home of more than 50 local artists that are displaying their work exclusively at Kivotos . Here the biggest problem you are going to face is choosing what is "made for you " and we are happy our selection of arts and crafts is so amazing that you need to spent time until your own piece pops out :)


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Location:Paphos municipal market

11 Jun 2015

An irresistible love affair! Eleftheriou workshop's new collection is at Kivotos !

I'm in love !
Every one of these amazing rings is unique and the design is based on the shape of the semi precious stone. I'm going to let the artist's inspiration and the perfection of craftsmanship to tell the rest! More photos and info soooooooon :)

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Location:Paphos old town

19 May 2015

Paphos old town center

Dear old and new friends!
Summer is back and our pedestrian is crowded with visitors from all over the world. Visit the friendly Paphos municipal market to explore the many little shops around and talk to the locals for any information you need. Talking to the local people that are always happy to help, you will get the best tips for enjoying your staying in Paphos, traveling around and discovering Paphos nature or antiquities or even just for eating at the best tavernas and relaxing at the best beaches :)
Have fun!!!

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Location:Kivotos gallery arts & crafts

30 Apr 2015

Hand made jewellery, ceramics, metal wall art !!!

April is almost over and it has been a very busy month!
So many new arrivals at Kivotos gallery and so many visitors during this month and that was enough for time to fly fast :)

Just samples of our new goodies....

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Location:Paphos old town center !