12 Mar 2009

Three lines studio.

Konstantina Pardali and Demosthenis Kokkalis, since 1989, create unique hand made pieces of contemporary ceramics.
They use a version of the ancient Greek technique "terra sigilata" for the decoration of these items and a firing technique similar to the Japanese Raku. This technique involves smoke, produced after dipping the red hot objects in shavings. The result is spots and traces on the surface of the clay.
Those amazing pieces of high quality craftsmanship are never out of fashion and they always look elegant and classy!!
You can find all their new work at Kivotos gallery.

6 Mar 2009

Kivotos art shop at Paphos old market

Kivotos is at the Paphos old market (or Laiki gonia). Since 1996 a lot of things have changed.
Still the old market is a very busy spot of Paphos. Especially on Saturdays a lot of villagers are selling their produce at the open fruit market.
At the small pedestrian streets of old market you can find about 100 little shops selling their goods. Tablecloths, beach wear, shoes, jewellery, souvenirs, icons, local products like honey,olive oil, turkish delights ect. Six days a week ( 9:00-14:00) you can enjoy a walk, do your shopping and have a coffee or lunch at tavernas with breathtaking views.
You can find Kivotos at the pedestrian str. Agoras 67. tel. (00357) 26946075. Only hand crafted items by 46 local artists like ceramic sculptures, ornaments, fussed glass, silver/gold jewellery are exhibited at Kivotos.
You are wellcome to visit us.

Paphos annual events


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3 Mar 2009

Spring is here!!

I couldn't resist posting these photos. Spring is here and nature is blooming!!

2 Mar 2009

National Geographic retro issue (1928) on Cyprus « Ιστολόγιο - Istológio

This is a post I just found at
http://ellinika.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/national-geographic-retro-issue-1928-on-cyprus/ and I think is very interesting!

National Geographic retro issue (1928) on Cyprus « Ιστολόγιο - Istológio