8 Jun 2010

Witches flying around Kivotos!! :)

Flying on their broomsticks, holding colourful baloons, resting on the moon, waiting their prince or offering their heart, the lovable witches universe is throwing a spell on us... We are smiling and fly high... :)

20 May 2010

Cosmochaos new rings

1994 was the year that Cosmochaos started its creative journey in Athens Greece.

The two main designers, Maria Apostolopoulou and Nikos Karacostas, attracted some of the best Greek goldsmiths, glyptographers and gemologists which joined them to form an inspired team of jewelry creation.

Maria’s vision is one similar to the ancient glyptographers portraying the universe and life around them through expressive carvings. Her subjects include metaphysical scenes, mythological landscapes and ancient symbols,the result of which is a collection of jewelry that turns the carefully selected gems into eternal pieces of art.

Nikos loves to play with light reflections. He is exploring the texture of precious metals giving his creations movement and volume in a really innovative way.

The jewelry is made of silver 925, 18 kt yellow or white gold and big, originally shaped gem stones. The distinction in each hand made piece is the high quality of design and craftsmanship.

During the last decade Cosmochaos has carved their own name in the Greek and international market with remarkable success.

23 Apr 2010

We are on Facebook!!!

We just set a new Facebook page. Just type "Kivotos gallery" on the facebook search bar and you will visit us!!!! Feel free to upload you pictures and comments!!

19 Apr 2010

S. Deliyianni hand crafted jewellery

Stella is a unique person and her work is absolutely following her life filosophy. Contemporary aeshtetics on hand crafted silver 925 and/or gold 750(18k), unique textures and craftmanship deliver timeless jewellery that we always love to wear!

Stellas note: "...the result of your work is the mirror of what you are at the specific momment of your life.... Everything is written down on the metal..."

16 Apr 2010

New arrivals by Mayia

New arrivals! Jewellery by Mayia are already here. Amazing designs in sterling silver and semi precious stones. Every jewell by mayia is an art piece. Her creations are actually a... sculpture to wear. Thats why she has her loyal funclub of people that realy like to make a statement with her elegant and unusual creations!!!

29 Mar 2010

Haute couture!!

April is just at out of the door!! Dress your... house with our amazing colourfull new sellection of ceramic and mix media handcrafts!! High gloss enameling in bright colours and contemporary forms are perfect to add a touch of summer and joy and revitalize the decoration of your space!!
Have a lovely April!

28 Mar 2010

Discovering Cyprus!

This is actualy the best time to travel across Cyprus and enjoy blooming nature!!Everything is still green and temperature is excellent for walking or even biking! Enjoy a few photos at a recent excursion at Tzelefos river ("Giofirin toy tzelefou" as it is the wellknown Cypriot name for the venitian river bridge!!!)
Just 45 min. from Paphos is a great place for relaxing before reaching Platres and Troodos.

15 Mar 2010

Spring wild flowers!

Cyprus at its best! Look around for natures beauty!!

12 Mar 2010

New arrivals by Eleftheriou jewellery

New arrivals by Eleftheriou Jewellery. Rings, bracelets, neckpieces in silver, gold and/or amazing stone settings!!

25 Feb 2010

Back on ...board!

February is almost over. Spring will be soon with us and spirit is high!!
New arrivals are allready on the road.
Last few days of stock clearense is the best opportunity for the lucky ones to have an authentic piece of art at extremely low price!!!

See you soon!!!


4 Feb 2010

Carnival is here!!!

Today is not a usual Thursday (Greek:Pempti) !! Today is Tsiknopempti :) That means that is the opening day for Carnival. In Cyprus every house has a barbeque on...fire. The smell of meat cooked like this is called "tsikna" thats why today is ....tsiknothursday!!! :))
The most wellknown carnival in Cyprus is the Limmassol carnival although every city has a carnival parade and a lot of events going on everyday.
If you are in Cyprus or visiting soon I m sure you will have an unforgetable time!!!

10 Jan 2010

Kivotos under construction!!!

From 14/1/2010 untill 14/2/2010 we will be closed. We are visiting workshops to make the selection of new items to come a.s.a.p.
For anything you need you can call at 26946075 (mornings).

See you soon

Happy New Year !

I hope 2010 will be a creative and peacefull year that will leave space for our dreams to come true!!!

Kivotos is now 15 years old. So is fresh and full of energy and on the go for an other fabulous journey!!

On board....!!! :)