20 May 2010

Cosmochaos new rings

1994 was the year that Cosmochaos started its creative journey in Athens Greece.

The two main designers, Maria Apostolopoulou and Nikos Karacostas, attracted some of the best Greek goldsmiths, glyptographers and gemologists which joined them to form an inspired team of jewelry creation.

Maria’s vision is one similar to the ancient glyptographers portraying the universe and life around them through expressive carvings. Her subjects include metaphysical scenes, mythological landscapes and ancient symbols,the result of which is a collection of jewelry that turns the carefully selected gems into eternal pieces of art.

Nikos loves to play with light reflections. He is exploring the texture of precious metals giving his creations movement and volume in a really innovative way.

The jewelry is made of silver 925, 18 kt yellow or white gold and big, originally shaped gem stones. The distinction in each hand made piece is the high quality of design and craftsmanship.

During the last decade Cosmochaos has carved their own name in the Greek and international market with remarkable success.
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