15 Dec 2017

We have a FB shop!

Dear friends
I m very excited to anounce  out fb shop. It is still under construction as im adding items every day. you can still have a look and ask any question you have.  A special offer of -20%  for all the featured jewellery is to celebrate both our new shop and our 21 birthday !!!
Looking forward for your comments!!

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4 Dec 2017

Kivotos is celebrating the last month of Pafos2017 european capital of culture !!!

Dear friends 
2017 is  an amazing year for Pafos. Being the European capital of culture is a unique experience.
we have the opportunity to meet people, ideas, feelings and ofcource  a vast variety of events and actions  from around the world.
The last month of this year is full of mix feelings.
We are left with lots of memories and we are already thinking of how next year will be without all those fantastic nights and days of culture.
During December
Kivotos is offering 15% on all the hand made jewellery by Stella FB
to all the Kivotos blog friends!

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4 Feb 2017

An amazing new era for Paphos

Dear friends!
Pafos is changing and we feel proud of what is accomplished !!! Its like living in a totally different city. the joy is in the air!

Pafos 2017 ! Cultural capital of Europe

17 Jan 2017

Winter holidays!

Dear friends !
It is that time of the year that a short break is more than just sitting around enjoying the winter sun.
Lots of new ideas are blooming in my  mind!
 Kivotos will be soon ready to celebrate the grand opening of Pafos2017 cultural capital of Europe on the 28th of January with its own unique way!
Stay tuned with us by joining our  Kivotos gallery  FB page.