13 Feb 2014

Valentines day! ( Don't be scare to admit it! You love it!)

We are back to you!
Come and share a little wine, unlock forgotten feelings, chat and rediscover the simple joys of life. Just stop for a moment, breath deeply and feel... That what Valentines day is about....

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12 Feb 2014

Love ect !

Kivotos has been closed for winter holidays !
We are officially re opening on Monday 17th February but we will be on duty on Thursday 13 th and Friday 14th 8:30am 1:30 pm to help our friends choosing a gift for their loved ones!!!
Saturday 15th we are attending a peace building conference so we will be away!!
And some other good news!! We are beginning our 18th birthday celebrations by offering a month of -20% on all our wall art items!!!

See you soon!!!! Xoxo

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3 Feb 2014

Coming back to our friends from all over the world

Today is that ...historical day of the year that Spring cleaning begins at Kivotos gallery! That means that after 3 weeks of ..creative holidays we are back with a new vision for the new year, full of energy and anticipation to make a fresh start! This year we are going to have our
birthday!!! Time flied away but we are still young at heart and spirit and always in love with arts and crafts by local artists.

Our 2014 motto is " ..because you are my friend ". It's a year of friendship and forgotten feelings. Let us all find our friendly smile and the tenderness in our heart, the unpretentious joy of the moment and the closeness of a friend sitting next to us making future plans or remembering hilarious moments we shared!

So, in a few days we are going to be officially open and ready to display our new treasures !

We are waiting or you for a chat and looking forward for your comments!!!

And because friends should be able to share all kind of difficult or even embarrassing moments with each other , here is a creative chaos moment of Kivotos gallery!!! Photo is taken today from our " secret " workshop space upstairs looking down ....

OMG !!!! Is it so bad?????



Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus