24 Dec 2014

Merry Christmas from sunny Kivotos!!

Dear friends around the world!!!!
I feel grateful for many things this year. Above all I'm grateful I can still dream and make plans no matter how difficult their fulfillment will be.
I think that's one of the things I want to share with all of you. I feel that nothing matters if we can't dream our small or bigger dreams. So just close your eyes and wander in your deep self, find a small light that will help you opening a new road in your everyday life and just go for it!!!
Let the love and caring for other people and nature warm you up and let your open mind, heart and intuition to be the compass showing you the road for your everyday s journey.
Merry Christmas to all of you!
My wishes are from my heart.


- Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus

Location:Paphos Cyprus

19 Dec 2014

Idiceramos ...sweet ceramics :)

From ancient to modern dolls and from traditional to contemporary art .

Our new collection of ceramics is just amazing!!!
We are very proud to display the new work by the Paphos based Idiceramos. ( idi= Ancient Greek word for "sweet" ).
Minimalistic approach and inspiration coming from Cyprus and Greek traditional motifs that were engraved on wooden items (like chests )that were a part of our ancestors everyday life and also from ancient idols and dolls ( plaggonas) and ornaments or religious symbols to a contemporary way of "reading" and rebirthing them. Idiceramos has an intellectual approach on ceramic art.
Perfect craftsmanship and caring for the detail on each item delivers a unique result. Every item is one of the kind .

- Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus

Location:Agoras 67 Paphos