19 Dec 2014

Idiceramos ...sweet ceramics :)

From ancient to modern dolls and from traditional to contemporary art .

Our new collection of ceramics is just amazing!!!
We are very proud to display the new work by the Paphos based Idiceramos. ( idi= Ancient Greek word for "sweet" ).
Minimalistic approach and inspiration coming from Cyprus and Greek traditional motifs that were engraved on wooden items (like chests )that were a part of our ancestors everyday life and also from ancient idols and dolls ( plaggonas) and ornaments or religious symbols to a contemporary way of "reading" and rebirthing them. Idiceramos has an intellectual approach on ceramic art.
Perfect craftsmanship and caring for the detail on each item delivers a unique result. Every item is one of the kind .

- Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus

Location:Agoras 67 Paphos

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