29 Nov 2013

Unusual lockets, earrings and pendants for unique gifts!

Hey All!

Today is actually the first day I felt I should wear a cardigan! There is no rain, just sunshine and lovely colors around :)

We love color this winter and we also love the imaginary approach of our young associating artist Valia!

Im posting Just samples of her new work. The surreal illustrations collection and the nature inspired collection that includes her Sea inspired Jewellery as she is an amazing underwater photographer !!!!

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Location:Kivotos gallery at Paphos municipal market area

14 Nov 2013

Designer of the year!

Hi All!
Just a quick note to share some photos of George's new-new inspirations!!!
These unique hand made jewellery pieces were exhibited at Manhattan's Jewellery fair in September! G. Kalaitzakis was awarded the "Designer of the year " prize !! We are proud of him!!

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It's gifts time!

Hey All!

October had been an amazingly busy month and I'm really sorry I posted nothing at my blog for so long!

Getting ready for Christmas is again not an easy task too :)
A lot of new jewellery designs are on their way to Kivotos gallery and a lot of other crafts for small or bigger gifts are coming in soon so as with just one stop at Kivotos gallery you can really make your life easier by finding something suitable and special for everybody!
Who of you knows Kivotos gallery, you also know that we have a very friendly and helpful environment that makes you feel at home. ( This also applies to gentlemen having a hard time finding the suitable gift for their partner).

We are here the same spot for the last 17 Christmases and we are happy a new exciting year is coming soon.
( OMG I didn't realized I miss Christmas!!! It's so hot at this time that it seems weird to think about Christmas !!!)

See you soon ( wearing short sleeves in December and sitting under the trees to get protected from the hot sun....)


P.S. I promise a special post to keep you updated about a very special project supported by Kivotos gallery .... :)

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9 Oct 2013

Your favorite photo becomes a jewel!

We can turn your photo to a Jewell ! Visit us to give you and example of hat we can do!

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Location:Paphos municipal fruit market area, Old town

New ceramic sculptures at Kivotos gallery!

Time is flying! It has been such a busy summer that I didn't realized that I had no posts at kivotos blog since some time ago ...
October is still one of our busiest months in the year so a lot of new items are already here or are expected in the following days. I really wish kivotos had more walls and display shelves!!! :)
Enjoy a small sample of the classy and unique works by one of the most talented and reknowned artists. Keti Anastasaki.

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Location:67 Agoras, Paphos Municipal market

13 Aug 2013

Sea inspired hand crafted Jewels !

Valia is a young jewellery designer and a fanatic diver! She reminds me of a beautiful mermaid collecting images of the spotless purity of a magical world of starfishes, seaweeds, driftwoods and pebbles and sometimes catching a water reflection or the beauty of a sunset...
Her passion for the underwater world gave her the inspiration for this beautiful collection of photos that they were transformed into little jewellery treasures!
Wearing these glimpses of a cool colorful world can really transform your mood!
Lets us Dive and Live into the Summer color forever !

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Location:67 Agoras - Paphos municipal fruit market area

17 Jul 2013

A sentimental life philosophy !

Hand crafted on silver 925 by Thodoris Christoyianis this collection of Jewellery is unique in many ways. The perfection of the craftsmanship even on the smaller detail and the conceptual way of transforming life's events, sentiments, experiences and thoughts into art pieces is mystifying.
Thodoris is building his own universe and he is inviting us to share a philosophical approach and a pure way to travel in life.
He is one of my most beloved artists and Kivotos is honored and proud to display his work!

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Location:67 Agoras - Paphos municipal market area.