14 Jan 2013

Meet Athens!

Hi all.
I'm currently visiting artists workshops and arts & crafts events. Athens is a very controversial city full of contradictions. This is the best background for creativity to bloom.
Tonight staying at my hotel and having this amazing window view at the Acropolis and the Parthenon I feel very touched. Among high buildings and abandoned old houses, grey small side streets and people that are not as "colorful " as some years ago, there is a view of the lighted Acropolis with the glorious temple of Parthenon dedicated to Athena goddess of wisdom...
Beauty can be everywhere if you have a minute to look at it..

A morning walk at the side streets near Monastiraki station and Athena street is always interesting too... Parthenon is most of the times at the background:)

- Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus

Location:Athens Greece

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