13 Oct 2008

Kostas and Klios amazing art work!

Kostas Panaretos & Klio Brenner

This couple met through their love of ceramics, both having extensive education and experience in the field. Together their talents have won them first prize in the "2004 1st European Ceramics Competition" held in Athens, Greece, which included 681 artists and over 2,300 competing works from all over Europe!
Their winning piece now sits for public viewing in the entryway of the city hall building in Maroussi, Athens. Their winning piece was also featured on the front cover of Germany's "New Ceramics" magazine.

Klio Brenner studied in Vern, Switzerland at the "Schule fur Gestaltung" from 1986-1990 and has participated in group and individual exhibitions in both Switzerland and Greece since 1988. In 1996, she and her husband, Kosta Panaretos, won the "First Award of Merit" at the Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibitions in Maroussi, Athens. Kosta studied ceramics at OAED in Athens and also taught his craft to others at the, YWCA, Ceramic School of Municipality of Nikea, and the "Art Studio" in Halkida. Kosta continues to teach at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and is a participating member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

Together Klio and Kosta have run their own workshop in Glyfada, Athens since 1990. They specialize in an ancient Greek technique called "Terra Sigillata". The pieces are formed using Earthenware clay fired at 1000 ºC and the colors are handmade from the soils of the earth. This difficult, but significant technique is only used today by a small group of ceramists. Their designs are inspired by ancient Greek Cycladic and Minoan sculptures, and are then transformed with the visions and talents of Klio and Kostas into a contemporary version of Greek art.

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