17 Jan 2012

Kivotos is a part of Open Air Factory!paphos

Two days ago I was just walking around Paphos when something got my eyes! I was really surprise that on a huge adverb with the logo of Paphos cultural capital of Europe 2017, I could see a picture of Kivotos gallery's hand crafted items! Look at the O on the "Factory" !

I had no idea about this great honor ! :)
Our city had made a huge effort and hundreds of dedicated volunteers worked hard to prove that Paphos could be the cultural capital of Europe for 2017 !
I feel very proud a little art space like Kivotos gallery that since 1995 is promoting works by local craftsmen was chosen to represent modern aesthetics but also dedication to authenticity.

So, what's the philosophy of Open Air Factory?
I'm copying from Paphos website :

"The actions and events of Pafos artistic programme will be the product of an "open air factory", which by definition does not comply with time nor with territorial boundaries. Neither is it limited to cultural or socio-economic boundaries.

Based on the philosophy of "Linking Continents-Bridging Cultures", the Open-Air Factory produces and exposes culture underneath the open sky and expands in order to embrace all those living in or visiting Pafos- Greek and Turkish Cypriots, EU citizens, as well as citizens around the world."

Paphos is waiting for you with a big smile and a bright heart! Support our beautiful and friendly island !

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Location:Agoras 67

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