14 Mar 2014

Recycled silk necklaces !

Hello my dearest friends from all over the world !
It's such an amazingly bright and sunny morning in Paphos!!! We had some nice rain for a couple of days so everything is refreshed and clean!!!

At Kivotos gallery we are full of energy and good mood :) Of course this is exactly the time of the year that we anticipate more, as the first new arts & crafts arrivals are on their way or they are already on display!
Visiting the artists workshops during January and February is one of my favorite coffee&chat "working " days time. It s also the time I meet and associate for the first time, to artists that either I knew and admired their work through time, or to artists I meet for the first time. I always follow my instinct and I'm proud to say that my associates are also my friends!
That's how I met Fotini and loved her and her work at once. Fotini is a vivid, cheerful , chatty beautiful and very stylish woman and her work is alternative, bright and free spirit like her! So in the above photos are some samples of what Fotini is making with recycled silk but also with cotton and ribbon . You can adjust the length of these neck pieces to fit your style. So twist them, reshape them and have fun with them! They can dress up and give a unique look to any outfit!

Enjoy life!


- Posted from Kivotos gallery - Paphos Cyprus

Location:67 Agoras - Paphos municipal fruit market area, center

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